The Montachusett Agricultural Alliance (MAA) began in 2016 as Farming Beyond Borders. MAA is a group of interested community members – agricultural commissioners, vendors from local farmer’s markets, farmer’s of all sizes, homesteaders, and the community at large – from across North Worcester County in Massachusetts. We’re interested in agriculture in all of its forms of food, fiber, fats, flowers, and fuel and how these working landscapes build and support communities.

We’ve developed a working collaborative of farmers, market gardeners, homesteaders, and managers, along with the community at large. We’re working together to help everyone succeed and moving local agriculture forward in its many forms. We believe quality land managers are the backbone of a viable working landscape that is good for the farmers AND their communities. There has to be profit (to support the farmers) and systemic awareness (to support the region’s lands as part of a functioning ecosystem) for local farms to thrive.

Our farms produce the vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, milk, and cheeses that we all like to eat, but they also produce hay, honey, maple syrup, soap, flowers, wool, firewood, lumber, woodchips and more, in short – we have the world of agriculture in microcosm.

New England is different – we don’t have the acreage for the large farms of the midwest. This brings special challenges. Let’s explore strategies and solutions together.

MAA’s Goals:

To provide practical, technical, and ecologically sound information to enhance the success of local growers of all kinds.

To provide and build a strong sense of community and comradeship within the North Central MA Agriculture community.

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